Lisa Bretherick

A little note about your day…

When your day is gone, the photographs live on. That's why photography is so special, and why you should take the time to choose the right photographer for you. As wonderful as it is, it also shouldn't take over your day. It's your day, and not your photographer's… We've all heard the horror stories!

I was once described as a stealthy cat when I photograph, which I eventually realized was a compliment. Most of the time you won't notice me, and I'll be capturing details and moments when you didn't know I was there. The parts where I need to be noticed I keep fun and lighthearted – nothing needs to be stressful!

Feeling relaxed with me as your photographer and knowing you as a couple is an integral part of my photography. I want my images to ooze with your personality and charisma. For this reason I will always meet you both before the wedding to walk round the venue together, discuss timings and take some pre-wedding shots.

Most importantly, I make sure you'll look back on your wedding photos and be reminded of those special moments and the little things that you've already forgotten about or didn't even notice.